Component Description:

Location Management component is responsible for organizing the collection of production-related location data in a structured information model to identify authorized use of production-related resources (e.g. HLR, VLR, HSS etc.) Location Management component facilitates holding production-related location information (such as in the domain of Mobile Networks, the International Mobile Subscriber Identity - IMSI, the phone number associated with the subscriber - MSISDN, their account status, and their last known location). Address Management component: Address Management component is responsible for planing, tracking, and managing the definition, addition, registration, assignment, and resolving of an address to a resource. An address may represent a resource (e.g IP, IMEI etc.), a location (place, site, ZIP etc.) or a mailing address (physical or virtual) as well as delivery and legal abode etc. Address Management facilitate creating, collecting, storing, standardizing, allocating, maintaining authoritative addresses correctly. Address Management must support address creation, collection and allocation in batches, ranges, streams or continuous.

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