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AsiaInfo Technologies (China) Co. Ltd is a leading provider of high-quality software solutions and IT services to the telecommunications industry. Headquartered in Beijing, we employ more than 11,500 professionals worldwide. AsiaInfo provides a full suite of business and operations support systems (BSS/OSS) and associated professional services. Our core Veris product suite includes billing and customer care systems that serve nearly a billion subscribers globally, plus business intelligence, network management, network security, and OTT and cross-vertical collaboration solutions. Our customers work with us to converge large scale pre-and post-paid mobile operations; improve time to market for new products and services; and develop cost-effective new business models. In China we have more than 50% market share in Billing, CRM and Business Intelligence through our longstanding partnerships with China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. We have deployed our BSS solutions with leading operators throughout Asia, and our recent expansion into Europe has resulted in a major contract with Telenor Group. AsiaInfo's vison is to drive the Business Internet. We are embracing the new era of the Business Internet, creating internet-based systems and software which will solve the business challenges of the future: - Enabling the Business Internet through our innovative BSS/OSS, Big Data, and security software products - Guiding the transformation of the telecom industry into the Business Internet era - Building an ecosystem to support this transformation, as well as Business Internet opportunities in other vertical markets.

Components that AsiaInfo Technologies supports:

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Full coverage with conformance certification for all mandatory Open APIs

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Full coverage of the functional scope of the component

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