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ETIYA is the leading Independent Software Vendor providing comprehensive Customer Relationship Management, AI and Catalog Driven B/OSS, as well as Customer and Social Media Analytics to Service Providers. Founded in 2004, Etiya is a fast-growing software company with more than 600 employees worldwide and offices in Amsterdam, San Francisco, Istanbul, Singapore, Ukraine and Dubai. Etiya incorporates customized AI and analytics solutions with its preintegrated product portfolio to help customers transform their business, reduce costs and delight their consumers with in-context business insights and predictions. With its award winning and flexible portfolio, Etiya aims to exceed its clients' expectations every day.

Components that ETIYA supports:

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Full coverage with conformance certification for all mandatory Open APIs

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Full coverage of the functional scope of the component

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Partial coverage with mandatory API certification

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Partial coverage

ODA Component Inventory (version 6)

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