Oracle Communications Unified Orchestration

Oracle Communications Unified Orchestration
Product name: Oracle Communications Unified Orchestration
Company name: Oracle Corporation

Product Description

Accelerate time to revenue of fixed, pre-5G, and 5G-era mobile and digital services. Automate design, creation, and end-to-end intent-driven service orchestration across multiple physical, network cloud, and software-defined networking domains. Coordinate actions and workflows via traditional activation, configuration, or domain-level orchestration systems.

Components that Oracle Communications Unified Orchestration by Oracle supports

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Full coverage with conformance certification for all mandatory Open APIs

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Full coverage of the functional scope of the component

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Partial coverage with mandatory API certification

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Partial coverage

ODA Component Inventory (version 6)
Component NameODA Function BlockID
TMFC003 Product Order Delivery Orch & Mgt
Product Order Delivery Orch & Mgt
Core Commerce ManagementTMFC003
TMFC007 Service Order Mgt
Service Order Mgt
TMFC011 Resource Order Mgt
Resource Order Mgt