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Ready for Today, Ready for Tomorrow. Deregulation, broadband, mobile communications, e-business -- whether you see these as daunting challenges or incredible opportunities, you need solutions that will ensure your company succeeds in today's economy. You need SAP for Telecommunications. SAP for Telecommunications offers end-to-end solutions for your industry. It integrates your entire business on a coherent platform, streamlines your existing operations, and introduces efficient, future-proof business functionality. SAP's solutions for telecom enterprises of all types and sizes include an unsurpassed range of industry-specific functionality, including support for convergent invoicing, contract accounting, and dealer management. And with SAP Business Maps, you can see all the benefits of SAP for Telecommunications, before you buy. SAP for Telecommunications combines cutting-edge solutions for the telecom markets of today and tomorrow with SAP's solid industry-specific and general business expertise, helping you to grow your markets, survive the struggle, and become a success story. Want to learn more? Contact the SAP sales office nearest you.

Components that SAP supports:

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Full coverage with conformance certification for all mandatory Open APIs

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Full coverage of the functional scope of the component

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Partial coverage with mandatory API certification

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Partial coverage

ODA Component Inventory (version 6)