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About Whale Cloud Whale Cloud Technology Co., Ltd ("Whale Cloud") is a leading technology company specializing in telecom software development and delivery, cloud computing, big data analytics, AI-enabled service operations, IoT, smart city solutions and other professional services including planning and consulting. Founded in 2003, the company provides services to various market segments including telecom operators, governments, and enterprises around the world. Formerly known as ZTEsoft, Whale Cloud was later invested by China's largest technology and eCommerce giant in the year 2018. At present, Whale Cloud's business scope extends from telecom markets to vertical industries. Its award-winning ZSmart D-BEP (Digital Business Enablement Platform) suite facilitates companies to achieve successful digital transformation, serving more than 150 telecom operators with 850 million subscribers around the world. For more information, please visit

Components that Whale Cloud supports:

Party Management
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Full coverage with conformance certification for all mandatory Open APIs

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Full coverage of the functional scope of the component

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Partial coverage with mandatory API certification

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Partial coverage

ODA Component Inventory (version 6)